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Christine comic shot by MisstressofCarodon Christine comic shot :iconmisstressofcarodon:MisstressofCarodon 3 6 sucess by MisstressofCarodon sucess :iconmisstressofcarodon:MisstressofCarodon 2 3 Mira Zurg pic for Jelena1998 by MisstressofCarodon
Mature content
Mira Zurg pic for Jelena1998 :iconmisstressofcarodon:MisstressofCarodon 5 19
Chapter 6 Legends of the Past
The mid-morning sun was beginning to climb the skies, each ray touching the Villa's gardens with the life-giving light. It was warm. Her skin felt the beams light up her face; the warming sensations caused her to smile. She wanted nothing more than to sit out on the terrace, bathing in the sunlight. But of course, that was never the circumstance.
Jenni was standing on the terrace steps about to walk down into the courtyard garden's entrance. A beautiful carved archway of limestone greeted her where the mid-relief or half sculpted into the wall, of a feline alien goddess holding a bundle of flowers seemingly beckoning to her. She took a moment to take in the half sculpted artwork. It was quite a masterpiece in itself, almost lifelike. The robes depicted in a soft sweeping motion clinging to her body in the present Greco-Roman fashion, her face soft and detailed, the flowers so lifelike, the artwork was so exquisite. Jenni felt the goddess's pleasant demeanor gazing at her bouquet of flo
:iconmisstressofcarodon:MisstressofCarodon 6 6
Chapter 5 Beauty and the Body Guard
She walked down the corridor, the hallway lit by lanterns. The walls were built from stacked limestone and timber beams behind for support. The ceiling was barrel vaulted, meaning the roof structure had a line of Roman arches down the corridor for support. Her footsteps echoed off the walls finally stopping in front of a wooden door. She was in the servant's quarters of her Villa, the organic earthly colors paled in comparison to the rest of her estate's polished marble. Warm smells tickled her nose; she was standing in front of the Kitchen door.
Jenni pushed the door open the herb aromas so pleasant it made her mouth water. There was a long wooden table floating in the middle of the Kitchen where piles of meats and cheeses were placed inside bread slices. A massive arched opening stood against one wall where a fire roared, Jenni could feel the heat. A large brass pot floated above the fire filled with a boiling liquid; it was being surveillanced by a small yellowish furred creature wi
:iconmisstressofcarodon:MisstressofCarodon 3 0
Chapter 4 For Honor, For Glory, For Life
When Men were mere Mortals and the Gods ruled the Skies,
One can only dream of becoming Divine.
To Serve and Protect, to Fight and Survive,
Until the Kiss of Death reaches Thy and Intertwines.
For Honor, For Glory, The Code and Thee Life,
Thy Battle is Mine, A Warrior's Strife.
I, mere Mortal, challenge the Skies,
I, mere Mortal, will become Divine.

The sounds of the coastline trickled into the room as the mid-morning sun's light rose over the mountains. The sea's waves washed up against the rocky coast, the salty air tickling her nose. There were calls from exotic birds, the gentle breeze carrying the sea air, and the warm sunlight pouring into her bed chambers. Her private quarters were elevated above the rest of the Villa, the window-less room overlooking the panoramic view of the ancient marina. Naval boats were docked at the harbor with the sailors transporting new supplies from the trade routes. The city, an arc
:iconmisstressofcarodon:MisstressofCarodon 5 0
Chapter 3 Touch to Dream
That son of a Blitznaking idiot scientist! Cosmic damning abomination! His mind was racing with curses to say, letting his native tongue slip a few unmentionable words about that accursed trog. The little heathen's claw sliced him right along the side of his face against his eye. Of all the injuries his body had been inflicted upon over the years (the broken bones from the academy, flesh wounds and bite marks from brawls, burn injuries from plasma blasters) this was not the worst pain but it was pretty damn close. Blitznak… he was bleeding into his eye. The stinging was making him tear. He covered his face with his hands and felt the open skin from the top of his cheek to just over his brow. The warm liquid trickling onto his hands. Ugh… he was getting his ass handed to him today.
"You, Shark-man," He heard a female voice in his direction. Gantu turned towards the older Earthling addressing him, looking at her with his good eye. She still held her arms outward, one towards hi
:iconmisstressofcarodon:MisstressofCarodon 3 0
Chapter 2 Aliens and Earthlings
The Hawaiian sunshine was said to be the gods smiling down on the human race. The gods were smiling a little too brightly if you asked her. It pained her to dump her Kiki's coffee she missed for so many years, but hot coffee on a hot Hawaiian day was a little over the top. She settled for a chocolate-coffee smoothie, a covered picnic table and some boardwalk French fries.
"Ih!" a high squeaked voice caught Jenni's attention. Her new canine companion, which she named Luna, had her two paws on the new owner's leg wanting some of the hot crunchy snack. Luna, the name meaning the Moon; it just suite her perfectly. She was brightly white, had a soft personality (from what Jenni could tell) and the dog was mysterious. The name was just right. "Ih, Ih!" that noise was all Luna made, it was such an odd bark. Must be a breed trait, Jenni thought as she passed some scraps to the white canine.
"The weird animals always find me."
At that moment a blue Koala animal was sitting next to Luna. "What t
:iconmisstressofcarodon:MisstressofCarodon 5 0
Chapter 1 Home Sweet Kokawa Town
Kiki's Café Hut had been the epicenter of Kokawa town's business strip. The town stood still with time, the old town had watched residents live and grow for generations. Next to the fruit stand of Mrs. Hasagawa's Fruits, Kiki's Café Hut brought in people from all over the township for that delightful caffeinated drink each customer craved, all bought from local farms of the freshest ingredients and the local Kona bean. That was just the place this young local needed to go. College season was over and she returned back home after graduation few days ago. How she missed her home town, each sight and smell had stayed the same since she left four years ago. Jenni, age 24, with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, concentration of Marine ecosystem and Marine biology (and the few electives of Ancient History she harbored a secret love for), walked towards her favorite coffee house since her high school days. Her tan shin felt pale in comparison to the Hawaiian tourists, she missed the s
:iconmisstressofcarodon:MisstressofCarodon 6 2
cover by MisstressofCarodon cover :iconmisstressofcarodon:MisstressofCarodon 13 16 It'ssssssss....... WIP by MisstressofCarodon It'ssssssss....... WIP :iconmisstressofcarodon:MisstressofCarodon 2 33
The Ring
I remember why I bought this ring.
The gold band wrapped around my finger,
the small twin diamonds glistening.
And the pink gem in the middle,
cut into a heart.
It caresses my finger,
holding on to me for dear life.
She shines and sparkles as she smiles up at me.
She knows.
She knows, she knows, she knows.
Her color brightens when I look at her for support,
when I feel so blue,
when I feel so down.
When I feel like I failed.
Her smile glistens to grab my attention,
the heart glowing that ever so damn pink color.
She is love.
She holds me, and looks back at my own gaze, saying,
"You bought me for a reason.
I fit you and you fit me.
I am a part of you.
I am your love for yourself.
I am Love.
I will not abandon you,
I will not leave you,
I am wrapped around your finger.
I am Love.
I am love of yourself.
I am you."
I know why I bought her.
Her damn pink heart that shines, the twin diamonds that sparkle,
the golden band that wraps around my finger for dear life.
She is support,
She is Love.
:iconmisstressofcarodon:MisstressofCarodon 1 13
The Beeeee by MisstressofCarodon The Beeeee :iconmisstressofcarodon:MisstressofCarodon 5 2 ID by MisstressofCarodon ID :iconmisstressofcarodon:MisstressofCarodon 3 14 ZURG--WIP by MisstressofCarodon ZURG--WIP :iconmisstressofcarodon:MisstressofCarodon 24 2 MINIONS by MisstressofCarodon MINIONS :iconmisstressofcarodon:MisstressofCarodon 48 36


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Art = Life
United States
Current Residence: United States
Favourite genre of music: Disco, Techno
Favourite style of art: Impressionism, lots of pastels, colored pencils!
Shell of choice: sand dollar
Skin of choice: who cares?
Favourite cartoon character: Jabber Jaw
Personal Quote: Hug a shar,k they want your love
  • Listening to: Fly Away, Frank Sinatra
  • Reading: This journal
  • Watching: Superpower Beatdown
  • Playing: Youtube vids
  • Eating: pop tarts
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I've been tagged again! by :iconfilmfreak13:
Alrighty! here I go lol

1. What is your all time favourite fandom? (You can choose more than one if you like)
Ehhh... I really don't know! There's my first, Star Wars, then TMNT, and then Lilo and Stitch, and then Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.... and then more Star Wars.... I CAN'T CHOOSE!
2. Who is your inspiration and why? (It can be a celebrity, fictional character or a person you know)
My older Sister and my furr babies inspire me to continue on to create art. But if I'm creating characters, the Villans lol 
3. What are your opinions on aliens and life on other planets? Do you think they exist? (this is a question I randomly came up with because I believe in them XD)
THEY EXIST! I personally thing they exist, and if they do... WHERE IS MY DAMN COFFEE DATE, DARTH VADER??? I'M WAITING RIGHT HERE!
4. What do you enjoy doing the most? 
Surprisingly, knitting. being creative and doing illustrations along with getting my writing cap on, I like to knit. So, in reality, I like to create!
5. What are your future ambitions/career paths?
Going back into Real Estate, possibly getting an illustration gig too
6. Do you think you obsess over something just a little too much? If so, then what? 
Villians.... I love the villians of a story... a little too much. Never went for the Hero type. 
7. Have you any OC's for your fandoms? If so, then who is your favourite?
OH GOD YEAH. I think my favorite is Christine, who is the semi interest of Zurg. I love Jenni and my Monet, but Christine will always have a soft spot in my heart lol
8. What is your favourite movie/TV show?
JAWS, Star Wars Ep III, Lilo and Stitch
9. Who is your favourite artist and why? (it can be more than one)
Personally, I fell in love with Vincent van Goph. I think it was when I was a preteen, just going to art school in Philadelphia, and skipping class to go to the art museum. They were exhibiting parts of van Goph's work, and after exploring the mazes of Modernism, Post Modernism, and current artists, I stumbled across a room that had dark royal blue tiles with bright yellow walls and a small open water fountain. On one wall, was a large black frame mounted with one of the most breath taking paintings I ever saw. It was Vincent's Sunflowers in Vase. I literally lost all thought, I couldn't even blink, I don't remember my heart beating honestly haha. I think I sat on the fountain's ledge for a good hour staring at the painting. And the funny thing was, the security guard by the painting laughed at me and said, "Patrons usually have that reaction with his Starry Night." 
10. Do you get considered weird/crazy by those around you? If so, do you like it that way? (I sure do! :D (Big Grin))
Oh yeah, I told you guys I stared at a flower painting for an hour! That's weird in itself! But I wouldn't have it any other way.


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